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Case Results

2013- Queens
Police execute a search warrant for the basement of a home where they recovered a gun and drugs. The police said they found the client's personal information in the basement and charged the client with both the gun and drugs! The client hired Lonnie Hart Jr., who was able to prove to the judge that the belongings had been there for six months. Therefore, the police had no probable cause to arrest the client. Case dismissed!
Client was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance. At a pre-trial hearing, an officer testified that he was at the scene of the arrest and observed the client with the drugs. Through an extensive cross-examination by Lonnie Hart Jr., it was discovered that the officer was lying, and he was not at the scene of the arrest. The District Attorney was forced to dismiss the case!
2014- Brooklyn
Client was charged with robbery and gang assault. After reviewing the case, Attorney Lonnie Hart Jr. determined that the robbery charges could not be sustained. Although the judge initially disagreed, Mr. Hart filed a motion to dismiss and convinced the judge to overrule themselves! Robbery charges dismissed!
Client was charged with attempted rape in the first degree. The DA, initially, offered the defendant six years in prison. But through his careful review of the facts and negotiation skills, Attorney Lonnie Hart Jr. was able to convince the DA to offer the defendant a misdemeanor and no jail. The client did not even have to register as a sex offender.
Client was pulled over for driving while intoxicated. At a pre-trial hearing, Attorney Lonnie Hart Jr. was able to establish that the client's car was stopped illegally. The client never lost his driver's license, and the DWI charges were dismissed!
Police claimed the client possessed a gun and became a “lost subject” after he ran away. Attorney Lonnie Hart Jr. was able to prove that the client wasn't there by doing a trace of his cell phone, which showed he was two miles away from the scene of the crime! We also established an alibi and the client's DNA did not match the DNA found on the gun. Case dismissed!
Client was accused of domestic violence by an ex-girlfriend. Attorney Lonnie Hart was able to obtain text messages from the alleged victim where she admitted lying to the police. The DA was forced to dismiss the case!
Client was an MTA bus operator accused of assaulting a passenger. The case went to trial where Attorney Lonnie Hart, through a withering day-long cross-examination of the alleged victim, was able to discredit her entire story. The jury found the client NOT GUILTY!
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